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Youth Matter Grants

Youth Matter Grants are mini grants given to youth-led projects to build safety, foster supportive youth-adult relationships, and make a difference in the community. Mattering matters! When youth know that they matter to their community, they are less likely to engage in risky, unsafe behaviors, and more likely to display higher levels of connectedness and mental wellbeing. 

Creating projects that make a difference: Your proposal must focus on one of three specific themes: wellness, transportation safety, and underage drinking prevention. You will also define the community you wish to impact,  and what difference you’d like to make within that group.  You must demonstrate a commitment to incorporating best practices for achieving high quality programs.  If funded, AYDC will offer training and supports to build a project that will address the above goals and make a difference!

Grant funding limits: Each project is limited to a maximum of $5,000.

Our Focus: Projects are intended to support youth-led initiatives that make a difference in the community. Projects will receive higher scores that involve youth in leadership roles, in decision-making, and project proposal development and implementation.

Now recruiting for summer 2021

Click here to read our Summer 2021 Youth Matter Grant Guide! This round of Youth Matter Grants will specifically focus on Peer to Peer Video Campaigns on Safe Roads.

Apply by June 30. For questions, please contact Ciara Lowery at Available statewide!

Goals for Projects

We are looking to support projects that address the following goals:


Youth want to live in a community that is both physically and emotionally safe, allowing them to be themselves.

Support, Respect, Fairness

Youth want to be treated fairly and with respect by adults. Having friendly, supportive, and positive relationships with adults provides the right role models to empower youth.

Make a Difference

Youth want to be engaged and make a difference. This may be through providing impactful opportunities and service- or civic-based activities. Meaningful engagement includes opportunities for service- or civic-based activities and involvement in decision-making, leadership, and project implementation.

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