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Youth Matter Grants

Youth Matter Grants are mini grants given to youth-led projects that improve safety, increase support, respect and fairness, and make a difference in Anchorage.

Creating projects that support Anchorage youth: Your proposal may be service projects, mentorship programs, a series of events or activities, a media campaign, peer-to-peer programs, culture and arts, civic engagement, or more. Projects must meet the above goals, as well as incorporate best practices for achieving high quality programs.  Projects also must have a community impact component which reaches beyond the youth group through volunteer work, a community celebration or educational event, or through another community engagement idea.

Grant funding limits: Each project is limited to a maximum of $5,000 and must be focused on addressing the goals above.

Our Focus: Projects are intended to support youth-led initiatives within the 12-16 year old age range. Projects will receive higher scores that involve youth in leadership roles, in decision-making, and project proposal development and implementation.

Goals for Projects

We are looking to support projects that address the following goals:


Youth want to live in a safer community, not just for physical safety but also to be empowered to be themselves.

Support, Respect, Fairness

Youth want to be treated fairly and with respect by adults. Having friendly, supportive, and positive relationships with adults provides the right role models to empower youth.

Make a Difference

Youth want to be engaged and make a difference. This may be through providing meaningful opportunities and service-based activities. Meaningful engagement also includes youth involved in decision-making, leadership, and implementing a project.

Applications are currently closed for 2019.  Please contact for more information!

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