AYDC Second Order Change

Anchorage Youth Development Coalition is excited to invite staff, volunteers, and board members of Anchorage youth-serving organizations to apply for our upcoming 2024 Second Order Change professional learning series!

Timeline for Applications

Applications are now open through January 10, 2024. Spots are limited, and applicants will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis from December 15, 2023 - January 15, 2024.

Session Schedule - Wednesdays, 9 AM - Noon

Questions? Need help with your application? Contact Rebekah Wilcox at

AYDC Second Order Change is a leadership development series and a professional learning community. It is designed to support staff in delivering high quality youth development programs. AYDC Second Order Change was developed with leadership funding from Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.


Research shows that youths’ environments, relationships, and experiences impact their short- and long-term outcomes—health, civic engagement, and economic self-sufficiency. Second Order Change is an initiative to support staff capacity to maximize positive outcomes for youth.

Experience the transformative journey with Second Order Change – a dynamic leadership development series and a vibrant professional learning community. This initiative empowers staff at every level within youth-serving organizations, fostering social and emotional intelligence enhancement. Recognizing that this aspect contributes to over 50% of effectiveness across all professions, Second Order Change is critical in supporting and nurturing youth development. Join us on this impactful path of growth and empowerment.

The effectiveness of Second Order Change is evident. Throughout the 2016-17 pilot series, participants saw significant improvements in the strength and balance of their social and emotional intelligence attributes, as assessed by the EQ-I 2.0. An analysis based on participants’ level of engagement revealed that those with higher attendance demonstrated more significant skill development. As Second Order Change progresses into its seventh year in Anchorage, its positive influence continues to expand.

Learning Experience

This learning series will take place over six weekly in-person MANDATORY sessions. There will not be an option to attend the in-person sessions virtually. This will allow participants to build relationships with cohort members, explore a new approach between sessions, and reflect and integrate learning.

We use the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) social and emotional learning competency framework to support staff development in each of five Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) domains. Each session in the series sparks personal reflection and peer learning through inviting exploration of critical topics in youth development, including resilience, healing-centered engagement, embracing resistance, cultural responsiveness, mindfulness, coaching, and communication.

Participants will connect with peers in similar roles at other Anchorage and Cook Inlet-area youth-serving organizations.

Benefits of Participating

Join a growing community of professionals from youth-serving organizations in Anchorage committed to creating nurturing environments, fostering meaningful relationships, and providing enriching experiences that empower youth to thrive now and in the future. By joining, you’ll benefit from:

  • Engaging in high-quality professional development rooted in leading practices
  • Learning (SEL).
  • Being part of a supportive environment that encourages self-reflection, rejuvenation, and learning through collaborative practices and peer support.
  • Building connections within a cohort of peers, establishing meaningful and collaborative relationships.
  • Acquiring knowledge about SEL practices designed to enhance the development of SEL skills among staff members.
  • Participating in six weekly sessions and a pre-session allows ample time for participants to integrate new perspectives and approaches into their work.
  • Receiving a complimentary copy of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Jean Greaves and Travis Bradberry.

Story of AYDC Second Order Change

Thank you to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) for featuring this initiative at the 2022 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit. This 8 minute story shares how AYDC Second Order Change was developed, and how we partnered with Communities of Schools of Atlanta to lead a training of trainers in the curriculum. CASEL has graciously allowed us to share this recording with you. To learn more about SEL, visit To hear from other thought leaders in the field, you can purchase on-demand access to the 2022 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit here.

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