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Most teens wear seat belts and learn to drive safely, but they are still at higher risk of critical errors due to skill deficiencies that lead to serious crashes. Other factors are lack of experience and/or engaging in distracting or risky driving behaviors. Our research tells us that most car crashes are preventable–not accidents waiting to happen. Safe Alaskans works to reduce teen driver crashes by promoting acquisition of safe driving skills and preventing known problem behaviors.


Center for Safe Alaskans is the lead agency in the Alaska Strategic Traffic Safety Plan (STSP) partnering with state agencies to promote responsible behavior and driving among youth with comprehensive community-based programs. 

According to the STSP, the objective is to achieve a reduction in under-21 impaired drinking, binge drinking, and impaired driving-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities by combining education strategies with comprehensive approaches to prevention. Center for Safe Alaskans programs focused on young drivers have included Raise Your VoiceThinkFast, and High School Buckle Up.

Safe Alaskans also partners with the Alaska Highway Safety Office and State Farm to sponsor safe driving campaigns at high schools across Alaska aimed at encouraging teens to buckle up, put down their phones while driving, and empowering them to speak up if peers are practicing unsafe driving behaviors. 

Teens create videos and other media during their campaigns for their peers. To view more videos, visit our YouTube channel here:


Welcome students! Please use this section to help you make your Spring or Fall Teen Driver Safety Week a success. We are here to help you be successful in reaching your peers, and together, we can make a safer community for all. For questions or assistance in your current Teen Driver Safety Week, e-mail us or call us at 907-929-3939.

Click the image to view the current toolkit for your convenience while planning your campaign. Use the resources below for tips, inspiration, and more!

Teen Driver Fact Sheets and Resources

Teen Driving Video Survey

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