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Membership Levels

AYDC encourages you and/or your organization to make a meaningful contribution. Use this as a guide, and please contribute at the level you are able.

  • Champion Circle: $3,000+
    (annual budget: over $1,000,000+)
  • Leadership Circle: $1,500+
    (annual budget: $500,000+)
  • Director’s Circle: $500+
    (annual budget: $250,000+)
  • Advocate Circle: 250+
    (annual budget: under $250,000)
  • Community Circle: up to $249

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For a full list of our current AYDC Members, click here.

Together, AYDC is creating a community around professional youth work in our broad and inclusive coalition. We’re able to do this because of organizations and individuals like you. Become a contributing member of AYDC to invest in a strong youth-serving community.

Contributing Member Benefits

All youth-serving organizations are welcome to join AYDC offerings, but by making a financial contribution you are making a collective investment in Anchorage’s youth and their futures. Working together, AYDC is continuing to ensure all youth are valued, involved, and thriving members of our community.

Take the next step and become an annual contributing member organization or individual to invest in our community’s future. By becoming a contributing member organization, your organization will receive:

  • 25% discount on AYDC initiatives and trainings, both AYDC sponsored and on-site training rates. This includes Second Order Change, Youth Work Methods workshops, and more
  • Priority consideration for agency spotlights at our monthly Full Coalition gatherings.
  • Free use of AYDC Conference Room (up to 3 times), including SMARTboard and video conferencing.  (Note: COVID-19 may affect this)
  • Recognition on AYDC website, newsletter, and Safe Alaskans annual report.

The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition (AYDC) is a program of the Alaska Injury Prevention Center. Your membership contribution will directly support the AYDC program. Become a contributing member of AYDC to invest in the movement beyond your four walls, and sustain and strengthen our collaborative community efforts for youth!

Ongoing Member Services


AYDC sponsors a range of trainings to help your organization build capacity to provide quality programs and services. Member organizations can arrange AYDC trainings at your sites or locations at a discounted rate. More details here.

Topics include:

  • Youth Voice
  • Best Practices in Prevention
  • Developmental Assets
  • Peer Education
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Cultural Competence
  • Effective Communication
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Results Based Accountability

Networking + Advocacy

    • Monthly gatherings of the Full Coalition for training, information and networking.
    • Opportunity to participate on AYDC Leadership Team to provide strategic guidance to the coalition.
    • Organizational development guidance and assistance, as well as advocacy.
    • Collaborative funding proposal coordination and grant writing technical assistance.
    • Cooperative planning for youth service programs and service evaluation.


  • Extensive Youth Data on AYDC website.
  • Best practice resources.
  • Email Updates sent weekly with your agency’s input included.
  • Coalition pass-through funding in mini-grants, as allowed. 

AYDC Updates

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When you make a contribution to AYDC, you are investing in Anchorage’s future. Make a special contribution today. 

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The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition supports  organizations to advance positive youth development. Become a contributing coalition member to build a community of professional youth work for all young people.

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