AYDC Membership Contribution Form

AYDC is creating a community around professional youth work in our broad and inclusive coalition. We’re able to do this because of organizations and people like you. Become a contributing member of AYDC to invest in a strong youth-serving community. 

AYDC encourages you and/or your organization to make a meaningful contribution. Please give what you are able.

Memberships are tax deductible.  Your membership contribution will directly support Anchorage Youth Development Coalition (AYDC). AYDC is housed at Center for Safe Alaskans (Tax ID 92-0169574).

AYDC Membership Contribution Form

  • If you are making an individual contribution, leave blank.
  • Please state your one-time contribution for  your calendar year AYDC membership.
  • If you’d like, please share a reason you or your organization are contributing to our coalition. What is the value and impact you get out of being part of AYDC?