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Innovative, affordable, and focused on public health.

Messages that change behavior and inspire healthy decision-making require a motivationally arousing experience.

Neuromarketing complements traditional marketing tools like surveys and focus groups. The Neuro Lab provides nuanced, sensitive and real-time, emotional, and psycho-physiological data.

Is your audience paying attention to your messages?

How do you know if your ads are effective? Is your message resonating with your audience?

The Neuro Lab can test your multimedia messages to measure their resonance and effectiveness among your target audience by providing neuroscience guidance to improve message impact.
The Neuro Lab can provide evidence-based recommendations and strategies for enhancing the power and impact of your media.

The Neuro Lab Helps You...

Did you know? Neuromarketing has been used by Fortune 500 companies, universities, and agencies like:

Our lab aims to give health promotion professionals with small budgets access to cutting-edge neuromarketing technology. With generous funding from the Alaska Rasmusson Foundation, the Center for Safe Alaskans brings this advanced technology to you.

The Neuro Lab in Action

Discovering your unique project needs: We will help you design a series of tests from your current messaging and media. We can also provide resources and ideas to guide message development to reach your audience. Together with the project lead, partners, and content creators, we will work with you to decide which types of measurements will provide the most relevant insights.

Mobile Lab and Online Data Collection

Our lab has been specifically designed to fit into a suitcase. We can travel to you and learn directly from your audience in your location anywhere in the world. Additionally, the lab can measure eye tracking and facial action coding through online data collection, making neuromarketing feasible and affordable around the world.

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