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The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition supports  organizations to advance positive youth development. Become a contributing coalition member to build a community of professional youth work for all young people.

Community Collaboration at Work

The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition (AYDC) supports youth-serving organizations through advocacy, resources, networking, and training so all Anchorage youth thrive. We’re a broad and inclusive coalition of over 60 youth-serving organizations, businesses, and individuals working to create shared community practices around professional youth work.

Upcoming Events



— Second Order Change

Transformative professional learning for youth development staff and leaders.


— Youth Program Quality

Achieving better outcomes for youth through continuous improvement.


— Youth Matter Grants

Youth’s perception they are respected, trusted, supported, valued by others, and able to make a difference in their community.


Recent news

Prevention starts with empowering our youth

“Youth development is the purest form of prevention. Safe Alaskans is leading the way.”

– Michael Kerosky, Leadership Team Member, ex officio

Building a professional community of youth workers

“AYDC is a hub for youth-serving agencies, from line-workers to directors, to share their successes, learn new approaches, and to collaborate on innovative solutions.”

– Lee Post, AYDC Leadership Team Member

What our Coalition believes

AYDC's Vision

All of Anchorage's youth thrive.

AYDC's Mission

Promote and integrate strength-based strategies through advocacy, resources, networking, and training to ensure that all Anchorage youth thrive.

AYDC's Purpose

Advance positive youth development.

AYDC's Values


We focus on individual, family, and community strengths and potential, this includes increasing protective factors and developmental assets.


Data is a driving factor in our decisions. Our priorities and actions are informed by and focused on producing measurable results and effective solutions.


We network and build relationships that improve informal and formal support systems for youth through meaningful community participation and the sharing of ideas and resources. “We do together what we cannot do alone.”


We are committed to building a coalition that welcomes and celebrates diverse perspectives, individuals and organizations. We value and seek to involve youth in the coalition and community.

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