Center for Safe Alaskans awards Anchorage international “Safe Community” reaccreditation

May 10, 2018 – For Immediate Release from Center for Safe Alaskans

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Anchorage, AK – After two decades of working to prevent injuries across Alaska, the Alaska Injury Prevention Center is launching a new name. On May 10th, the organization officially begins doing business as the Center for Safe Alaskans.

“The name Center for Safe Alaskans better reflects the holistic approach we take to prevent injuries, promote wellbeing, and improve safety for all Alaskans,” said Executive Director Marcia Howell. “Our programs have evolved to align with what works—and that includes taking positive approaches to encouraging youth and adults to lead safe healthy lives.”

Center for Safe Alaskans’ programs take innovative, data-driven approaches to improve the lives of all Alaskans across the state. Exemplifying the importance of a collaborative approach, Center for Safe Alaskans also announces that Anchorage is being reaccredited as an international “Safe Community.” Representatives of the National Safety Council will present the award to Mayor Berkowitz in the Anne Stevens room at the Loussac Library May 10 at 5:30 pm.

“As Alaskans, we confront danger in many ways – and we know that to be safe, we have to prepare and make good decisions,” said Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. “Being recognized as a ‘Safe Community’ reminds us to remain vigilant.”

The Center for Safe Alaskans is also presenting a “Community Safety Leader Award” to Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC). CITC is a leader in supporting Alaska Native and American Indian people in southcentral Alaska reach their full potentials by taking a comprehensive approach. By growing people’s strengths and talents, CITC fosters successful and self-sufficient individuals, families, and communities.

In 1998, the Alaska Injury Prevention Center began operation with the support of a Safe Community grant through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Since then, the organization has led Anchorage’s use of the international “Safe Community” model; engaging with local partners who care about safety, using data to identify leading causes of injury, and strategically addressing the issues using proven methods and measuring success.

The Alaska Injury Prevention Center programs will continue now as the Center for Safe Alaskan. The transportation safety program provides over 400 child car seat checks annually, mentors teens to create safe driving campaigns, promotes safe cycling and walking, and supports senior drivers through the CarFit program. The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition became a program of the organization in 2015 and continues to lead the way in promoting positive youth development through training and professional development for the Anchorage community. We look forward to launching exciting innovative initiatives in the future.


Center for Safe Alaskans is a nonprofit dedicated to preventing injuries, promoting wellbeing, and improving safety for all Alaskans.