Shared Risk +
Protective Factors

Many injuries share risk and protective factors. Risk factors are those that increase the probability of injury. Protective factors are those that decrease the likelihood of injury. Substance use is an example of a risk factor that is shared by all the prioritized injury areas. A safe, supportive community is an example of a protective factor that is associated with all prioritized injury areas. Multiple other risk and protective factors are shared across injury areas. Focusing on shared risk and protective factors is gaining traction in public and behavioral health initiatives. It allows prevention efforts to have greater reach across multiple areas of concern and creates opportunities to leverage limited resources.

The Center for Safe Alaskans is convening a group of stakeholders who are working together to develop shared definitions of the factors and investigating best and promising practices which could be implemented in Alaska to address them. Developing a better understanding of critical common risk and protective factors will inform cross-cutting prevention interventions and encourage cross-pollination of resources across various injury, violence and other health related topics.

Risk Factor

Risk factors are those that increase the probability of injury

Protective Factor

Protective factors are those that decrease the likelihood of injury.


Car Seats

During our COVID-19 hunker-down, we are offering virtual car seat checks. A Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will assist you via video conferencing or FaceTime to ensure that your child is safe in their seat! Leave a message at 907-929-3939, and atechnician will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a virtual check! 


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