The Neuro Lab helps you...

  • Collect audience insights
  • Develop powerful messaging
  • Test media resonance and impact
  • Evaluate media effectiveness

Innovative, affordable, and focused on public health.

Messages that change behavior and inspire healthy decision-making require a motivationally arousing experience.

Neuromarketing complements traditional marketing tools like surveys and focus groups. The Neuro Lab provides nuanced, sensitive and real-time, emotional, and psychophysiological data.

Did you know? Neuromarketing has been used by Fortune 500 comapnies, universities, and agencies like:

Is your audience paying attention to your messages?

  • How do you know if your ads are effective?
  • Are the right age groups and demographics paying attention?
  • Is your message resonating?

Our lab can test multimedia messages to examine the resonance and effectiveness in the target demographic. We can help you program design a series of tests that will produce qualitative… [WILL FINISH TYPING OUT TOMORROW]

Our lab aims to give health promotion professionals with small budgets access to this kind of cutting edge technology. With generous funding from the Rasmusson foundation, the Center for Safe Alaskans has been able to bring this advanced technology to Alaska. 

The Neuro Lab in Action

Discovering your unique project needs:

We’ll help you design a series of tests from your current messaging and media, or provide resources and ideas about where to start if not developed yet. After reviewing your program and project goals, and its challenges, history and current needs, we’ll get to know your target audience. Together with the project lead, partners, and content creators, we will decide which types of measurements will provide the most relevant insights.

Recruiting participants and testing:

We’ll help you recruit participants based on your target demographic(s), budget, and time constraints. We’ll establish the amount of time to spend with each participant and the compensation for each recruit, as well as develop the necessary mechanisms to do so. Additionally, we will secure any parental or leagal permission forms and arrange for testing space and equipment set up.

Recruiting participants and testing:

While the majority of testing will be at the Safe Alaskans’ office, our equipment is also portable to make travel to both urban and rural locations in Alaska feasible and affordable. Our lab has been specifically designed to allow travel, which can help reach rural Alaska. When extending public health messages across the state, we can consider the different cultural, historical, and geographic contexts of the small communities throughout Alaska.

Results and project deliverables:

  • A customized report with data analysis and recommendations
  • Full data-set on an external hard drive
  • Additional materials to be agreed upon with client

Typical Timeline

Initial consult with client, then participant recruitment takes place.

Participant testing takes place, and travel to communities if needed.

We analyze results then draft and finalize your report.

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