Center for Safe Alaskans provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance their safety as drivers, and/or increase their mobility in the community.

Use the videos below to learn more about older adult driving safety and see how you can make your car safer and fit you properly. A proper fit in one’s car can greatly increase not only the driver’s safety but also the safety of others.

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Driver Education introduction

1. are you the only driver?

2. seat belt use

3. steering wheel tilt and head restraint adjustment

4. distance between chest and steering wheel

5. Line of sight above steering wheel

6. positioning to gas pedal

7. positioning to break pedal

8. mirror adjustments

9. neck mobility for visual blind spot check

10. ignition key

11. operation of vehicle controls

12. review

You have reviewed all of the Older Adult Driver Virtual Education videos! If you have questions, or need further assistance, please contact us at  907-929-3939, or e-mail Amy Brown at