Helping You Feel Safe & Comfortable in Your Car!

Are you comfortable when you drive? Do you ever wonder if you are sitting in the best position for maximum visibility? Have you ever thought about the kinds of adjustments you can make to ensure your safety as well as others? CarFit might be a program that could help you answer these questions and more!

CarFit helps drivers learn how to make adjustments to their vehicle to:

  • Make driving safer
  • Make the seatbelt more comfortable
  • Reduce blindspots

A proper fit in your vehicle can greatly increase not only the driver’s safety but also the safety of others!

To ensure safety and convenience through COVID-19, we have an easy-to-follow 12-part CarFit video series that you can watch from your computer or smartphone. The total time to watch all 12 videos is around 20 minutes. Bookmark the page to come back to it if you don’t feel like finishing. Viewers that watch all 12 videos will also be entered to win 1 of 10 $25 Fred Meyer gift cards! (Drawing will take place on 10/1, details below. If you need questions or assistance at any time, please contact us at 907-929-3939 or email us at

Step 1: Fill out the form below. (All information will only be used for gift card drawing and geographic information only. To opt-out, please e-mail us at

Step 2: You will be directed to the CarFit videos.

Step 3: Watch all the videos — you may bookmark the page if you need to stop and come back to the video set. 

Step 4: Once you finish, you will be automatically entered to win 1 of 10 $25 Fred Meyer gift cards. 

CarFit is sponsored by AAAAARPAHSO, and AOTA.

*Only Alaska residents may be selected as winners.

If you are an older driver or a family member or agency that serves older drivers and have any questions about CarFit or older driver safety contact us at