Social and Emotional Learning Reflection Deck

The AYDC SEL Reflection Deck was developed to support staff and leaders in exploring and strengthening their emotional intelligence.  This Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tool aligns with the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) five-competency framework.  The Deck is intentionally designed to be versatile. It can be used with adults or adapted for students, and can support Social and Emotional Learning in professional, classroom, and personal contexts.


Ideas for incorporating the AYDC SEL Reflection Deck into work and learning:
  • Stand-alone reflection
  • Reflect on a specific experience or challenge
  • Writing prompts
  • Use in a circle or partners
  • Incorporate in coaching
  • Draw a card randomly from the whole deck
  • Select a card from one competency area you are working to strengthen
  • Student lessons
  • Professional development

Examples of cards within the deck:

 CASEL’s framework includes 25 SEL skills supporting the competency area. The AYDC SEL Reflection Deck provides 100 coaching questions – each its own card. This includes four cards for each of the 25 SEL skills. The skills are marked on each card, opening possibilities to make explicit connections between the question being explored and the skill to which it corresponds.

Decks are not currently available for purchase.
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